No Clear Favourite in a Low Scoring Game

A low scoring game between two teams with similar winning odds.

Where do the results come from?

The results come from the Pinnacle’s closing odds.

You can bet on the most efficient odds from the sharpest bookmaker and still make a profit.

What are the real odds?

You will always know the real odds by the percentage of bets won (36% -> 2.78) and the average closing odds (3.12) to estimate the edge.

How many units do you need to bet with this strategy?

You can use the Maximum DrawDown (-22.99 units) to set the units number well above it to value bet with a wide margin of safety. Since you could face a bad run of 22.99 units or more, it would be prudent to have an additional units number well above the Maximum Drawdown. Otherwise, you might miss the positive expected returns of the system due to an early exit from the investment and you would not have enough money to keep betting at the same pace without changing the staking plan.

What is the Market composition?

The 50 best leagues in the world are filtered to select games that match the strategy criteria.
Most of the games come from the leagues shown in the table above.

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