All the Draw Strategies revealed

The draw strategies showed on are just a part of my project for value betting on football draws.

Since all my strategies have their reason to exist, I want to show all the ones I have shared so far.

Betting on Draw Strategies

If you want to bet on draws, you can find them on after registering for free.

Access the Betamin Builder and search in the Public Strategies from the top menu.

Use the 1X2 and Shared filters, and order by Username to find the draw strategies developed by Maxi.

Now, you have the big picture for betting on draws.

Furthermore, you can also create your system, the one that best suits your needs.

For example, by choosing between those strategies with the lowest maximum drawdown, the lowest average odds, the largest sample size, the most liquid leagues and more.

Also, I suggest you read my blog post for a proper bankroll management.

Create your portfolio with the Aggregator from the top menu of the Betamin Builder, being careful not to combine strategies that have too many picks in common.

Choose your plan in the pricing page to receive picks by activating the Follow button of the strategies.  

May your bankroll grow. In the name of Draw.